Day 0


Pre-ride Prep

Not quiet appreciating the task ahead...


Carbo loading with some tasty Poutine

Some great sightseeing in Toronto

Day 1

Toronto to Sryacuse, NY

260 Miles, 18.5 hours on the bike, 6am to 3am

An extended first day in the hope of making it to NYC in 2 days... a foolish dream. The route goes from Toronto following the QEW on the service road then through Niagara Falls, over the Rainbow Bridge border crossing, then mainly following route 31 to Syracuse

GPX Route

Garmin Route

Missing the first 8 miles, following the map and forgot to press the start button...


Bike packed up and ready to go

Starbucks breakfast

Toronto on the other side of lake ontario

Great views of the falls

Boarding crossing over the bridge

Ready for the crossing


Day 2

Sryacuse, NY to Albany, NY

145 Miles, 12.5 hours on the bike, 9am to 1am, a few hours lunch

A lot more painful than expected! A very slow and hilly start on route 5 to Utica then a very beautiful and flat ride along route 5 to Albany. Careful following this route, there is certainly better ways and I did end up on some inappropriate roads, there were signs for the ‘bike route 5’ but I must have missed some turnings

GPX Route

Garmin Route


Ready to go on a cold, crisp 2nd day

First and only puncture

Beautiful Fall colors (/Autumn colours) in upstate NY

Great wings in Utica!

Arrived in Albany, the state capitial has some cool buildings

The bike and George Washington

Day 3

Albany, NY to New York City

150 Miles, 16.5 hours on the bike, 7am to 4am

A very very painful day of cycling. Effcetivly following route 9 (the historic route of Broadway) from Albany to New York City. I did get lost around Poughkeepsie when route 9 turns into a highway and then I lost the bike route 9 signs. I think this is the slowest I have ever cycled as my kness and neck gave up. The metro north trains looked so tempting at times.

GPX Route

Garmin Route

Final 18 miles on Map My Ride

Map My Ride Route


Starting on Boradway in Albany

Some more great scenary in upstate NY

Shipping my bag back to NYC!

Lost, but saw this cool halloween house

YEAH!!! Never been so happy to be in Time Square!

Ready for bed...